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being your own advocate: another way

Jeff Frings of Wisconsin got tired of being buzzed by motorists while riding his bicycle, and decided to do something about it:

Note the number of times motorists are recorded cursing or even threatening the bicyclist. I think driving cars makes you more aggressive and less caring about those around you. I have no personal empirical evidence to back this up -- I drive so infrequently and am so timid behind the wheel that it doesn't apply in my case -- but I believe it's the case for many people who drive regularly and often. (To be fair, note too that most of this guy's video is shot while riding on higher-speed highways and county roads with little or no shoulder -- places I normally wouldn't choose to ride, but in his case he may have few other practical choices.)
All in all, it's a telling video.


His experience reflects mine, and I do ride on busier roads a lot. One thing he didn't show was drivers who feel the compulsion to pass you no matter what. I've seen oncoming cars who have had to run off the road because some a-hole was passing me or my group without sufficient clearance.

Just the other day a woman was coming up behind me at an intersection with a stop sign. I took the lane in plenty of time for her to simply stop behind me. Instead, she pulled to the left and stopped beside me, even though she was planning to turn right! A driver wanting to turn into the road we were on had to wait for her to get out of the way. And that's not the first time that has happened.

Seems it's "Turn on the ignition, turn off your brain!"


Sometimes you just need to cede

I am all for asserting my vehicular rights, and I am the first to take the lane when I need to for safety, but playing chicken with a snowplow is just plain dumb