beth (bikelovejones) wrote,

knowing and unknowing

I have been going through some challenging times lately, both physically and mentally.
Reading ahead for this Shabbat about Aaron's breastplate and the two big stones (called Umim and Thumim in Hebrew) that the High Priest is supposed to use to get a direct channel to God, or universal wisdom, or whatever, made me wish for a Magic 8-Ball:

When times are hard it sure would be nice to have a sense of certainty that everything was going to work out okay. But lately I have really lacked that, and it has taken a toll on me.

So this morning when I woke up and felt really down in the dumps pretty much from the time I rolled out of bed, I wasn't sure how I would proceed with my day. I began to feel really, really upset, and I sat in the living room chair and sniffled a tear, and then another. Before I knew it my stress had washed over me and I was full-on crying.

Out of nowhere, our cat Yofi suddenly leapt up onto my lap, looked at me with big eyes, and settled down and began to purr. I began to pet her, and slowly I calmed down. I didn't know any more than I had before I'd sat down, but I felt calmer and suddenly amazingly able to get on with my day.

Clearly, I can't tell the future but our cat, being an amazingly sentient being, can. And that's probably much better than a Magic 8-Ball, anyway.


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