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womens' cycling apparel, part 3b: evidence

A follow-up to a recent discussion of womens' cycling apparel:

Readers will remember that I had a surprisingly pleasant and respectful exchange with the nice folks at Rapha (makers of exotic, high-priced and admittedly gorgeous bicycle togs, in some downright delicious fabrics). I was assured that Rapha was listening, and in fact was releasing a womens' specific line of bicycling apparel this spring. I was thanked for my perspective and invited to check out their line.

If you remember, I did so, and discovered that (of course) their sizing range does not extend upward enough to fit me. I'd be better off ordering one of their mens' jerseys (except that Rapha's stuff as a whole is really designed to fit skinny, near-starvation Europeans so their mens' large would probably not zip up over my womanly chest).

Today I found photos that prove Rapha's commitment to womens' apparel:

As you'll note, neither of these women have much in the way of hips or breasts. They are basically female versions of Rapha's male rider-models, perhaps a little more elegantly feline in that feminine way but basically pretty damned skinny.

(My mother, z"l, would say they were too skinny; but she always felt a zaftig woman, a woman "with some shape on her", as she would say, was a healthier woman. Being married to a beautifully zaftig woman myself, I agree.)

Thanks, Rapha. You've tried.
I'd say Keep At It.
You'll get there eventually; and when you do, I'll actually buy something of yours that fits.

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